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Ultima GTR pen sketchAs you’ve probably noticed lately, sketching racy custom made Ultimas could be quite intriguing. A few nice themes are starting to emerge..
For now though, here is a pen sketch, which I am planning to colour up and give it some “bling” when time allows..
Really keen on the rear by the way….

Ultima GTR, again

Ultima GTR Ultima GTR

The A4 original sketch page and the colour version of it. I felt like splashing some funky colours to give it the “bling”… That “ugly duckling” has some amazing proportions and huge potential it seems…


Liège Bastogne Liège Sportive, 2014

Here we go again as promised with more stuff. This time it has nothing to do with design. …and since its something I enjoy doing in my spare time when not designing/working and thinking about cars or other stuff, I thought I should share something about myself. So here is one of my hobbies – Road cycling!

Ever since I was a small kid I loved riding a bike but for many reasons at a later age I couldn’t do it. Now however, I am back on it as much as I can. I ride to work whenever possible, I go out training on my own or with friend and even take a part in Sportives. Ride all seasons too, from temperatures just above freezing to hot summer days, I love it! And it’s great!

So here are some pictures taken from various places.

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Design Position Updates

Along with some other posts,  this one too, was loooong overdue! I use this blog to give updates on my design positions and projects I am working on, however I’ve been so busy in the last years (and of course having a social life!) that I had no time to pay attention to my blog and give regular updates. So here are some…

After leaving Aston Martin in the end of 2011, I had the privilege to join the VW Group in January 2012, working in Wolfsburg, Germany. It was a different experience from working in Italy and the UK and I can honestly say I was very impressed by the overall quality of design & projects at VW Group! It is an amazing place for any designer to be in regardless if you’re working on show cars or production vehicles. The only reason I left was because I wanted to return to the UK where I was quite well established…

Back in the UK I joined Jaguar Cars mid 2012 and I’ve been with them ever since. Again I am quite fortunate to be working for Jaguar Land Rover while so many projects are happening simultaneously, which is amazing for the British car industry…and of course for us, the designers! Projects I’ve been working on are yet to be presented, so watch this space in the not-so-distant future..