still got the blue`s…

Posting some more stuff on the Ultima based project. There will be two versions/designs on the subject: a road going version and a track based one. Overall volumes & themes are pretty much there, but fronts and rears still need more work & refinement before going into 3D development.

Ultima Racing by EIDO Design

Ultima Racing by EIDO Design

Ultima Racing by EIDO Design

Ultima Racing by EIDO Design

Jaguar XF S / R-Sport




Some press shots of the new Jaguar XF S & R-Sport model presented at the New York Auto Show earlier in 2015. Very pleased with the final result and fantastic team effort! Hopefully some design sketches will be released soon.

some like it soft

Ultima GTR Racing Rear

A friend of mine (Roman Skokov) suggested I should try one of these rear themes (Theme B) with softer shapes so it works better with the original car.
So I gave it a little try and here is a small sketch as a study. Couldn’t be asked to put any colour though….

ABC Easy as One, two, three …

Easy as
One, two, three
Or simple as
Do re mi
ABC, one, two, three, baby, you and me girl! ….🎵 🎶

Just like the Jacksons 5, the question we have here is ABC or 1, 2, 3….
Did this little page of thumbnail sketches for myself a few months back while having the morning coffee just to summerise some of the themes on the concept so far, but I guess there are cool features in each of them.
As much as I hate doing rendirings, I guess I have to colour some of these sketches to see which ones are worth developing further…

Ultima GTR theme page

Ultima GTR design reference

flight mode ✈️

I hardly had any time to post recently, but here is another small batch of sketches based around the Ultima One-Off vechile. Indeed some of them were done on the plane on the way to Italy.

Ultima GTR One-Off sketch

Ultima GTR One-Off sketch

Ultima GTR One-Off sketch

Ultima GTR One-Off sketch

I still can’t quite decide whether this “thing” should be more racy witn wings…ducts, dive planes etc, or it should be more clean and simple…. Hmmm….meditate on this I will!

keep them rolling

Ultima GTR pen sketchAs you’ve probably noticed lately, sketching racy custom made Ultimas could be quite intriguing. A few nice themes are starting to emerge..
For now though, here is a pen sketch, which I am planning to colour up and give it some “bling” when time allows..
Really keen on the rear by the way….

Ultima GTR, again

Ultima GTR Ultima GTR

The A4 original sketch page and the colour version of it. I felt like splashing some funky colours to give it the “bling”… That “ugly duckling” has some amazing proportions and huge potential it seems…