Maserati GT-Uno – front updates

Here we are with the Maserati again! I am sharing with you few sketches I did – mainly concerning the front of the vehicle. I am trying to squeeze some spare time for this project and get it finished as I do not intend to invest too much of time on it. Still, I am having fun drawing this vehicle and I want to create something  that is cool….and finished too :)
What I can say now is that I am shaping my mind around few concept directions that already emerge to me and they will be better illustrated with the upcoming sketches. So far it has been fun sketching the different ideas but I could go on like this forever and it is time to put the things in order. I am a kind of tempted to start a 3D model of this, it could boost the Maserati project a lot. Anyway…more sketches and renderings coming next. I hope you like these ones for now! Thoughts anyone?

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The GT-Uno continues…

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Yeah it was about time to do some work on this one…my tablet was getting dusty at home. This project could be running slow but I will finish it one day :) Now…seriously…I still look for a good theme “surface-wise” for this car and if having more time I will bring it closer to a defined concept that has something more to show. I found few potentially interesting solutions for the front wing that worth exploring. All in all when available and when having the proper mood, I will continue developing this one. I will do it! Feedback?


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Maserati Merak – marker rendering

What we’ve got here is the beautiful Maserati Merak. I tried to make a proper marker rendering for fun and exercise the old school techniques a little bit…
Everything was goign fine UNTILL the last moment when I had to pick up the white gouache/tempera paint for the details and effects. That was THE WORST white paint I’ve ever tried to work with….so greasy and absolutely no density at all. Disgusting, I’ll never use this crap again. It turned the most fun and easy moment into a nightmare… I am absolutely no happy with this and I almost lost the entire illustration…

The nex thing coming is Ferrari illustration. This time no mistakes allowed!

Maserati GT-Uno, initial sketches

The saga continues with this…
Part 03
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Here we are with few more sketches on the subject. My mind is getting more and more involved into this… I am still in the search of the best shape for this car. To be continued….

Part 02
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Hello to all!

Here is a small update on the Maserati. The project is still in it’s initial stage where the main proportions and surfaces are to be decided. I remembered what pleasure is to work on a supercar….yeah!
More sketches coming soon! Stay tuned!

Part 01
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Maserati GT-Uno – update

Hello to everyone!

Let’s kick off with something…This is my virgin sketch for the new blog. As some of you may know I am working on a Maserati Sports Car for my portfolio, so here is an update sketch on the subject. Hope you like it! Feedback is always welcome! Will post some new sketches when available.

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Here is a small initial sketch…update on the maserati V12 thing..I know, it’s even more brutal and dramatic than the one bellow, but am still keen on developing this concpet into the direction alrady said….so let’s see what comes up with this. Will post more soon.

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I couldn’t help myself of making another sketch… seems to me that will turn into a personal project for my portfolio – Maserati sports car. At the moment this one is “too cultivated & shy” i’ll look into some more aggressive & expressive in the next sketches…will post soon when I’ve got smth to show on the topic…one thing for sure, it’s gonna be mid-engined V12

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